Welcome to the race
My name is Speedy. Though I mostly write, I decided to make a blog for my art. I draw from a range of things from fan art to original stories. Everything will be tagged accordingly. Thanks for stopping by!

A word of caution to this tale, should you steal, you will fail. This basically means that if I find out anyone is stealing my art or ideas, I will ensure that you cease immediately. I do not tolerate theft. My ask box, however, is always open. Feel free to leave messages and possible requests, if I ever open them up. Feedback is always appreciated as well.
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Breathe with me
Ugly sketch of a thing /throws it up/
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Daily dose of Shishio.
Drawn in my Novel class.
Guess who’s been rewatching Rurouni Kenshin.
This nerd.

I don’t know if I’ll be coming home again.Home again.No, I don’t know if I’ll be coming home.It’s a long road to hell without no soul.

I couldn’t live without you now.Oh, I know I’d go insane.I wouldn’t last one night alone.I couldn’t stand the pain.

x_ Out ;
Just something I worked on in my Novel class.
[sweats loudly]
I tried to design a Tyran Trepan.
Lol goodbye.
This shitlord needs to stop.
A Daryl Dixon sketch I decided to do today.